by Nils Osmar. January 1, 2022

Welcome to New Life Longevity. The premise of this website and the movement it’s a part of is that it may be possible for people now alive to live years or decades (or maybe even centuries) longer than their ancestors did – and that we can do so in good health.

As Dr. David Sinclair (Professor of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School) recently put it, “The first person who’ll live to be 150 has already been born.”

To be clear, I’m not talking about being stuck in a nursing home, hovering on the verge of death, unable to remember the names of your children or grandchildren, but staying fit and healthy and active and mentally sharp and clear for decades longer than people have lived in the past.

Pushing Back Against the Aging Process

You may have already decided that you’d like to live to be 100 or 120 or even longer. (500 years, anyone?)

Or you may have found yourself noticing a friend or family member who’s running into problems as the years go by, getting older, losing energy, and becoming more vulnerable to ill health as a result of aging, and wondering if there might be lifestyle changes or other interventions that could help.

Do We Really Have to “Age”?

Aging is a process of decline that we usually think of as beginning when we’re in our late 20s or early 30s. It starts out slowly then accelerates, leading eventually to a collapse of our health and to death. We hear constantly that “it happens to everyone” and “you can’t do anything about it.”

But do we really have to age in the first place? Some researchers are starting to question this assumption. They believe that we can slow aging to at least some degree by:

  • Eating a healthy diet (one that’s rich in the nutrients needed to support both our health and the health of our mitochondria). Foods like anchovies and the herb rosemary may be key.
  • Exercise- in the form of HIIT exercise, aerobics, and resistance training – appears to be particularly important in pushing back against the aging process.
  • Taking supplements (and medications, when we have access to them). Some supplements that are already available (and some medical treatments on the horizon) show promise of both reversing aging and extending the human lifespan.

For Example:

  • A nutrient called alphaketoglutarate (AKG) has been found to both extend the lifespan in lab animals and compress morbidity. The Ca-AKG form (a calcium salt of AKG) has been found to have anti-aging benefits in many different species. Tests are underway now in humans and showing promising results. Ca-AKG is available as a supplement for those who’d like to try it.
  • When we’re young, we have high levels of NAD+, which supports DNA repair and has hundreds of beneficial effects in the body. As we age, our levels go downhill. We can restore NAD+ to youthful levels by doing resistance training or fasting, or by taking NAD Boosters such as NMN, NR or niacin.
  • A compound called fucoidan, extracted from some types of algae and seaweed, has been shown to activate the sirtuin 6 gene, leading to a significant increase in maximum lifespan (in lab animals). Communities of humans who eat sources of fucoidan have unusually long lives. We can take fucoidan as a supplement or eat seaweeds such as wakame which are rich in it. Cyanidin, found in black elderberries, also activates sirtuin 6.
  • The drug metformin, used for diabetes, has been found to lower blood glucose while also protecting against cancer and heart disease and several other diseases of aging. Supplements such as berberine and milk thistle have similar effects in the body.
  • The drug rapamycin has been found to have profound anti-aging benefits. It’s only available by prescription. But it’s analogues, such as EGCG, are available as supplements and also found in green and white tea.
  • There’s evidence that simply diluting blood plasma in older animals may have life-extending effects.

Living Longer – but Getting Younger

As more drugs, supplements and other interventions become available, there’s reason to believe that it may become common for more and more people to live to 120 – not bedridden in a nursing home, but staying and looking young.

After that, some of us may start living far past 120 – not in a sad, decaying, decrepit state, wasting away in nursing homes, but in a state of good health, vital and energetic, looking and feeling young.

To be clear, I’m not talking about living longer in a forlorn and decrepit state, but increasing our lifespans while getting “younger” instead of older as the years go by.

My Own Changes

A few years ago, I became aware that I was going downhill, having memory problems, and developing signs of age-related muscle wasting (sarcopenia). I was getting fat (or “skinny fat“; my muscles were shrinking; my mood was sinking; I was getting weaker and looking older. I was able to reverse this by applying my protocol.

The photos below show what I looked like before and after my recent changes. I was 67 years old in the image on the left (fall 2019) and 69 years old in the one on the right, taken in the spring of 2022. I was able to lose some excess body fat, gain some muscle, and my mood and mental clarity improved also over a few months’ time.

What I’ve Been Doing

The changes I’ve experienced took place while I was;

  • Eating an optimal diet. Some diets appear to accelerate aging; others, to slow it down. The diet I’ve switched to is based on one that was shown to reverse epigenetic aging by several years when people followed it for just a few weeks. My current diet
  • Taking anti-aging supplements. Some people hear the word “supplements” and think of vitamin pills. But what I’m talking about here is a new generation of supplements that can restore the levels of some key compounds (such as NAD+, human growth hormone and glutathione) to what they were when we were young. Even sex hormones can be restored to youthful levels with the right supplements, and there’s some evidence that fertility can be restored and menopause postponed or even reversed (for a time) in women. My current supplements
  • Fasting. There’s no question that we need nutrients. But there’s also evidence that we may live longer if we do some intermittent and/or prolonged fasting. Fasting activates “survival genes” which, in lab animals, both increase quality of life and have been shown to extend the lifespan. More about fasting
  • Getting some exercise. You don’t have to become a pro athlete (unless you want to), but if you want to live longer in a state of optimal health, exercise is absolutely essential. More about exercise
  • Heat and cold exposure. Most people love comfort. But odd as it sounds, making ourselves seriously uncomfortable tor a few minutes every now and then by taking cold showers, ice baths, very hot baths, or saunas, can have profound benefits, by activating genes called sirtuin genes.
  • Getting enough sleep. I know for some people this is easier said than done. But there’s a clear relationship between sleeping enough, optimizing our lifespan, and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Getting a minimum of around 7 hours has benefits related to both brain health and longevity.
  • Getting out from under stress. Physical stresses like hot and cold can trigger our sirtuins and be of benefit; but emotional stresses, especially ongoing ones, wear us down.
  • Balancing AMPK and mTOR (two important biological processes). mTOR is a growth pathway. It supports muscle growth and a strong immune system. AMPK is a longevity pathway. They’re both important, but AMPK activation is associated with a longer life. We can activate both pathways, and switch between them, by our choice of foods supplements.

Are you saying others should follow your protocol?

No, I’m just sharing what works for me, in the context of some other information I think people may find interesting. What I’m doing is working for me so far. But my approach may not be right for everyone. What you do with the information is up to you.

Where to Start?

  • To learn more about my protocol, see the Rekindle Protocol page.
  • For some ideas about “what to do now” if you want to reverse aging and live longer – see this page.

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