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This article is © Nils Osmar 2022. Nils has had a lifelong interest in life extension. He is the Director of Rekindle School, an independent educational program. He is the Administrator of a Facebook group called “Life Extension and Anti-Aging” and of several Youtube channels including “Pathways to Longevity.”

Note from Nils:

People finding this website often ask who I am. I was born in 1952, grew up in Alaska, and moved to Seattle a few decades ago. I’ve been a teacher since 1979, first through the University of Washington’s Experimental College, currently through my own program, Rekindle School.

I’m not a doctor or longevity researcher (except in the sense that anyone can be a “researcher” but reading publicly available studies). I approach writing articles about longevity the same way that I approach teaching other subjects: I read online studies, do my best to understand them, do my best to simplify them, then do my best to restate their conclusions in plain language. 

With that said, I’m just a person, and am certainly fallible. I try to keep my articles accurate, but no one should take them as gospel truth. I would encourage people to check my sources to make sure the information I’ve summarized is accurate. I’ve included links wherever possible to the studies I referred to when writing them, so that you could go to the original source and double-check my conclusions. Now and then I do make mistakes; if you’ll be kind enough to notify me about them, I’ll correct them.


  1. Shamshad Husain Ansari says:

    Does theses products have any long term side effects.

  2. Hi Shamshad, if you mean the products I’m taking, I’m hoping that they will have good effects long-term.

    Some products I used to take, like metformin, turned out to have some side effects I didn’t want to deal with, so I’ve stopped taking them.

  3. What about reducing the thing that causes our NAD levels to decline, which is CD38. CD38 can be reduced by apigenin and quercetin. apigenin is abundant in dried parsley and quercetin is in onions, apples and other veggies

    1. Hi Ed, I agree that those are good things to do. It may also be helpful to take the precursor molecules such as NMN or NR to provide the body with raw materials to make more NAD+.

  4. I believe Morgan Levine say that when they adjusted for variables with the “rekindle diet” the effect on epigenetic age was not found?
    That’s not to say it’s not a good diet regimen to follow.

  5. Hi Ron. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I don’t view cholesterol as being “bad”; it’s essential to have enough, for example, to support high testosterone levels. But I do agree that we should keep our eye on our lipid levels.

    I have my lipids checked every 6 months. The last time I had them checked, all of my levels were what my doctor considers an ideal zone. My LDL was down dramatically; my triglycerides down even more; my HDL had significantly increased. This, while I was eating three eggs a day and fatty red meal. My ratio of HDL to triglycerides was also ideal.

    Re: Morgan Levine, I don’t think he’s looked at the Rekindle Diet. It has elements of some other diets but is a diet I developed. It’s essentially a Mediterranean diet “plus” a bit more seafood and animal-based food. I’d love to have some serious anti-aging researchers run a test on it. Maybe they will someday.

  6. Hi! I am trying to determine the best way to measure the reservatrol and the nmn for the smoothie. In teaspoons, how would you measure each one? Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Karen, I buy both products from DoNotAge using their discount code (PATHWAYS). They come with little spoons. Alternatively, you could use a scale.

  7. Hi Karen, did you order your NMN or resveratrol through DoNotAge? If so, both containers should have come with little scoops. (I had to fish mine out of the container of NMN with a spoon, to find it) The scoops are the right size, pre-measured.

    The problem is that resveratrol is much more dense. So 1/4 teaspoon may be a gram of one; a full teaspoon may be a gram of the other product.

    If ordering from a different company I’d recommend buying a little scale that measures in grams or better yet, 1/4 grams.

  8. Hi, came across this article when researching Glutathione and NO.
    Taking all these supplements seems complicated… Are you aware that there is now a highly bioavailable Glutathione available? May I send you a link to a short video to check it out?

  9. Andrew Bartlett says:

    hi Nils,

    enjoying your website, thank you.

    What were some side effects of metformin for you?

    1. Hi Andrew, I sometimes felt a little mentally cloudy when taking metformin. Then I learned that it can cause birth defects in male babies if the father takes it.

  10. Michelle Melom says:

    When you mention the 16 grams of protein, is that the total for the day?
    Thanks for the information!

    1. Yes, on the Fasting Mimicking Diet, it’s 16 grams of protein. But normally of course, when not on the diet, I eat much more protein than that.

  11. Hi, I have NF1 and have been researching what supplements to take. Sounds like spermidine might be a bad idea? Do you know of any supplements that promote longevity but don’t promote growth in already existing tumors?

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