Activating AMPK Protects Against Aging and Fibrosis


by Nils Osmar – June 5, 2022 – Medical disclaimer

According to this 2017 study, the activation of AMPK protects against both aging and fibrosis.

In anti-aging circles, AMPK is referred to as the “longevity pathway. “Fibrosis” refers to the thickening or scarring of the tissue.

For example, in pulmonary fibrosis, “the normally thin, lacy walls of the air sacs in the lungs are no longer thin and lacy, but get thick, stiff and scarred, also called becoming fibrotic.”

The process of fibrosis is involved in the pathogenesis of most diseases of the heart, liver, kidney, lung, and other organs/tissues. AMPK exerts comprehensive protective effects against fibrosis in various organs and tissues, including heart, liver, kidney, lung, etc…. . This review highlights recent advances, vital for basic research and clinical drug design, in the regulation of AMPK during fibrosis.

Ways of activating AMPK include:

  • fasting
  • taking supplements and medications such as glucosamine, metformin, berberine, resveratrol, Ceylon cinnamon, or benfotiamine, and the sweetener allulose. Many of these also lower blood glucose.
  • eating a low carbohydrate (but not ketogenic) diet
  • eating a low calorie diet
  • eating a Mediterranean diet
  • eating a diet low in the amino acid leucine
  • alternating between feasting and fasting.


  • AMPK is one of two essential metabolic processes. The other one is mTOR. My current approach is based around balancing the activation of mTOR and AMPK.
  • When AMPK is activated, under most conditions, mTOR is switched off. But we do need some mTOR activation to have strong immune systems and protect against sarcopenia. There are dangers if we go too far in the direction of having either AMPK or mTOR activated 24/10.

What I’m doing

  • I don’t have specific concerns about fibrosis but I find this study interesting in light of what’s known about the other health benefits of activating AMPK.
  • I’m deliberately activating mTOR by eating high protein, high leucine animal-based foods on my workout days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
  • I then deliberately activate AMPK by doing two short (36 hour) fasts each week. (I fast from Friday night till Sunday morning and from Monday night till Wednesday morning).
  • I also take glucosamine every morning, sweeten my food with allulose sometimes skip breakfast on my non-fasting days.

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