How I Reversed Sarcopenia (the “Age-Related Loss of Skeletal Muscle”) at the age of 67

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by Nils Osmar. March 27, 2022

In the fall of 2020, I realized that I was both gaining some unwanted body fat and slipping into sarcopenia. My muscles were visibly wasting. I realized that if I didn’t make some changes, I’d be heading in the same direction as many other people in my age group.

So I cut back on sugar (and sweet foods in general) and started eating more high quality protein (from sardines, anchovies and other fish) and working out. (I worked out every other day for a few months.) The image at the top of this article shows my changes in the first year and a half of following an anti-aging, anti-sarcopenia protocol, which settled in to include doing resistance training three days a week.

I also did a lot of fasting on my non-workout days, which helped me to lose the excess belly fat I was carrying around. For several months, I was working out (and eating ample protein every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and fasting either 24 or 36 hours every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I was also taking supplements, including NAD boosters, testosterone boosters and hGH boosters.

The result was that, at the age of 67, I began losing excess body fat and adding a significant amount of muscle. (I was never buff or muscular in the past.)

My First Workouts: Using a Power Tower

One of the best decisions I made was to buy a power tower, so I could start exercising. I liked the idea of a tower I could hang from and climb on and do a bunch of random arm and leg and shoulder exercises on. I really wished I could find an adult jungle gym like the ones on the playgrounds when I was little. So it was a step in that direction.

The tower I bought was around $120. In this video I demonstrate how I started using it, and some exercises that I did on it that people in my age group could easily do.

The exercises I’m showing here helped me to build up my muscles much stronger than they had been, so that a few months later, I could add other exercises. At that point, I bought some other exercise equipment. But I still like using the power tower.

More About My Workout

On my exercise days, I get in the morning; take some Ca=AKG; wait a half hour, then take some testosterone boosters; wait another half hour, then take my NAD boosters. I then work out fasted for about 75 minutes. (I get better results if I work out before I eat.)

Then after exercising, I eat a high protein meal high in animal protein (such as scrambled eggs with sardines) to activate mTOR (the growth pathway). I take some hGH boosters with my first meal.

Then later in the day I switch to more plant-based eating to activate AMPK (the longevity pathway) again. (There’s a general consensus in the anti-aging community that while it’s good to activate mTOR periodically, we’re more likely to live longer if AMPK is activated most of the time.)

The photo was taken on March 25, 2022. I’m still making progress, though it has slowed down a bit. It took me a while to start building up my muscles. I’m not claiming to have the greatest physique in the world; I still have a ways to go to get to the physique I’m aiming for. But I feel like I’m making progress.

What About Injections?

I’ve been asked if I took testosterone injections. The answer is no. However, one of my supplements (DHEA) is a pro-hormone which naturally increases the production of testosterone in the body. I was cautious about using DHEA though because it can also sometimes raises levels of estrogen. But (at least when taken with my other supplements) the result has been in increase in testosterone instead.

My testosterone levels were pretty low when I started; they went up a little when I took supplements, then went up much higher when I started exercising.

I have nothing against testosterone injections; If I had not gotten good results from the supplements I might have asked my doctor for injections of testosterone. But for a number of reasons, including the fact that our testes shut down their own production of testosterone if we take the injections, I wanted to avoid them if possible. So far I’ve been able to so far.

P,P.S. A few months after buying the power tower, I bought a Marcy gym. I found it helpful for developing some muscles that were hard to isolate on the power tower. I’m still using both machines. I work out three times a week.

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  1. Paul Kiesow says:

    Hello Nils, I am your age (70 this June) and my supplement ‘stack’ seems quite close to yours. I understand that you feel a surge of energy after taking fucoidan. Two hours ago I ingested my first SIRT6 activator; 25 minutes later an odd-yet-not-unpleasant sensation washed over me. I will be waiting for my arm hairs to turn color in about two months! . . . Since March 2003 I have taken one gram/day of metformin, and my health and appearance might be thought of as outliers by some. Recently I communicated with DoNotAge’s CEO Alan Graves by phone. He said my photos resemble a forty-something. People might relegate metformin to the back burner because they can’t easily obtain it, because it is such a long-term effort, and because conflicting reports of its efficacy and safety have muddied the waters. My feeling is that over the course of two decades metformin has contributed to my healthspan and youthful appearance. —Paul Kiesow

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