Human Growth Hormone and the TRIIM Trial

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by Nils Osmar. May 27, 2022

I was just re-watching an old Joe Rogan interview with David Sinclair. One thing Sinclair mentions in it is that (at the time of the vide0) he was/is no longer taking metformin every day. He’s still taking NMN and resveratrol but skipping metformin on his workout days. (Sinclair likes to work out in the evenings.)

His reasoning is that metformin interferes with the benefits of exercise. So he take it on the days when he plans to be sedentary. (Like many authorities, he recommends exercising vigorously every couple of days to give the body time to recover.)’

De-Aged 2.5 Years

Sinclair also talks about an interesting study in which volunteers were given a combination of DHEA, metformin, vitamin D, zinc, and HGH, and were (according to an epigenetic clock) de-aged 2.5 years. (They took the meds for one year.

At the end of that year they were 1.5 years younger than they would have been if they had not participated in the trial, according to an epigenetic clock.

It’s an interesting study (to my mind) because

  1. We can raise HGH without meds by exercising, taking hGH-boosting supplements, and fasting, and
  2. We can’t buy metformin without a prescription in the U.S., but we can buy berberine, which does many of the same things in the human body and
  3. DHEA is also easy to find. (And – truth to tell – it’s very easy in the United States to get prescriptions for metformin for anti-aging purposes from doctors online.)

Does this mean we should all be taking HGH, metformin, vitamin D, zinc and DHEA? I would say that it’s an interesting possibility to look at. You’d have to decide for yourself if the potential benefits are worth the risks. For example, both supplemental DHEA and injections of hGH are associated with an increased risk of cancer.

To learn more about the first TRIIM trial, see this article. Note: The video below is not the full interview, just a clip related to the first TRIIM trial study.

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