Life Extension: Top Ten Pointers

by Nils Osmar. Updated 12/5/2022

  1. Eat real food. Shop for fresh, natural organic food high in nutrients. The less processed, the better. “Eat like your ancestors ate.” Sugar ages us, so cut it from your diet. Eat foods high in spermidine like mushrooms, aged cheese and anchovies.
  2. Do some fasting. We need nutrients, but we also need breaks from eating to turn on autophagy, which cleans debris out of our cells and cleans dying cells out of our bodies.
  3. Do protein cycling. Learn about AMPK (activated by fasting) and mTOR (activated by protein, carbs and leucine. Alternating between eating and fasting, or between eating carbs and protein, is one possible strategy. For example, if you eat high protein one day, you might try eating low protein the next. Read James Clement’s “The Switch.”
  4. Get some exercise. Work out. Stretch. Walk. Don’t be sedentary.
  5. Take cold showers – or take walks in the cold to switch on cold shock proteins.
  6. Take hot saunas – or very hot baths to switch heat shock proteins
  7. More sleep -. less stress. Quality of life matters as much as quantity. Aim to sleep for 7-8 hours/night if possible. Do things you love. Look for ways to get out from under stress.
  8. Boost your NAD levels – by doing all of the above, and taking NAD boosters such as NR, NMN, niacin, or apigenin, along with sirtuin activators such as resveratrol, fucoidan and cyanidin.
  9. Boost your Glutathione – by eating foods rich in sulfur like onions, garlic and egg yolks. Eat whey. Take NAC (N. Acetyl Cysteine) along with Glycine. (This boosts your nitric oxide too.)
  10. Take AKG (Alpha Ketoglutarate) – to live longer and compress morbidity. Calcium AKG (Ca-AKG) may be best.

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