Radical Life Extension for Everyone

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Elon Musk recently came out with some comments about the “problems” associated with life extension. Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, is “secretly” pouring a huge amount of money into funding life extension efforts.

I don’t really care about Bezos or Musk (at least not more than I care about other people). But it’s important to me on a personal level that when life extension arrives, in whatever form(s) it might take, it should be available to everyone ultimately.

If medical technologies such as vaccines matter, and if there’s an agreement that they should be made available to everyone who wants them worldwide, then (in my opinion) life extension technologies matter just as much or more, and should also.

They should ultimately be available people of all races, all religions, all income levels. I’m of the opinion that health care is a basic human right. There may be some people aren’t interested, and opt to get old and die instead; if so, that’s their choice, and more power to them. Everyone should always have a choice about whether to use a medical technology or opt out. But there shouldn’t be an income barrier or cultural barriers preventing people who are interested, from accessing new life-extending treatments as they come along.

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