One Possible Longevity Pyramid

by Nils Osmar. September 10, 2022. Medical Disclaimer

Latest version:

  • This pyramid is focused on what we can do now, with currently available interventions.
  • When better medical interventions come along, they may end up replacing exercise and nutrition at the base of the pyramid.
  • By “nutrition”, I’m referring to certain nutrients the human body needs to function well, not any particular diet – nutrients that are necessary to life whether they’re being provided by vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, omnivorous, ketogenic, ancestral, or carnivore diets. (Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s videos are a good source of information about the wide range of nutrients that are necessary to health, which we often don’t obtain if we’re eating standard processed diets.)
  • “Fasting” includes both intermediate and prolonged fasting.
  • Time in nature would fit somewhere under “Less stress, better sleep”.
  • “Exercise” would include resistance training and also approaches such as HIIT and aerobics.
  • So, more notes may be needed around the margins to be comprehensive 

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