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People sometimes ask about my exercise regimen. The truth is that it’s still evolving. I just started working out a little over a year ago. I have some good progress, but have a ways to go before I’ll look like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine.

I’m currently exercising three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I fast (either a 24 or 36 hour fast) on Tuesday and Sunday. I have a home gym with several machines (see below).

On my exercise days, I get in the morning; take some Ca=AKG; wait a half hour, then take some NAD boosters; then work out fasted; then after exercising, I eat a high protein meal high in animal protein (such as scrambled eggs with sardines) to activate mTOR (the growth pathway). Then later in the day I switch to more plant-based eating to activate AMPK (the longevity pathway) again. (There’s a general consensus in the anti-aging community that while it’s good to activate mTOR periodically, we’re more likely to live longer if AMPK is activated most of the time.

My Results

The photos below show some of the changes that occurred in my first few months of exercising. The photo at the top of the page was taken in December 2021, 14 months after I started working out. In addition to starting an exercise program, I had started taking hGH boosters (including AKG and some others) and testosterone boosters (including TongKat Ali and DHEA).

Here’s a list of the equipment in my gym, and some videos showing how I use some of the items:

  1. Marcy Club 200 lb. Home Gym
  2. Sports Royal Power Tower
  3. Weider Ultimate Fitness Machine
  4. Exerpeutic Stationary Bike


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