My Latest Blood Test Results: Lipids and Cholesterol Ratios

  • by Nils Osmar. Feb. 12, 2024
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I made three changes to my protocol in 2023:

  1. I began eating a more animal-based diet. (I still eat from all food groups, but increased the amount of animal protein about 50%, and cut back on vegetables high in oxalates
  2. I started taking rapamycin.
  3. I started taking niacin and berberine at night (I sleep better when I take niacin, and am prioritizing sleep. The berberine is to keep my blood sugar from going up when I take it.)

All three of these changes have (in my opinion) had benefits. (My inflammation went down, and my energy and lean muscle mass went up.) But both eating meat and taking rapamycin can cause total cholesterol, TG and LDL to go up. (See this study: So I’ve been keeping an eye on my lipids, as well as other biomarkers, with periodic testing.

My results – according to my latest test

There have been several changes since my last tests (in August and October of 2023):

  1. My HDL (the so-called “good” cholesterol) has gone up. Since I began testing lipids way back in 2010, my LDL has always been on the low side, hovering around 37, even when I was eating a very mostly plant-based diet; it’s gone up and down a bit over the past three years. In Feb. 2024 my HDL was 43, up from 39 in my last test.
  2. My triglycerides have simultaneously gone down. They were 110 a year ago, but are now 87. (At their lowest, last fall, they were 70.)
  3. My total cholesterol (TC) at its highest, five years ago, was 240; by mid-2023, it was down to 170. But then it started going up again. it’s now 220.
  4. My LDL, at its highest, five years ago, was 130; it went down to 70 last fall, but has now, oddly, gone up to 130.

Cholesterol ratios

Cholesterol ratios matter much more than cholesterol levels. (It’s almost meaningless to look at levcels withouyt considering ratios.) See this summary article:

  1. My TC-HDL ratio is 220/43, or 5.1. (5 or less is considered good)
  2. My TG-HDL ratio is 2.0, the best it’s ever been. (2 or less is considered ideal.) (My ratio, at its worst, was almost 5.)
  3. My LDL-HDL ratio is 3.02. Anything under 5 is considered good but under 2 is ideal.
  4. My non-HDL cholesterol ratio is 177; 130 is considered ideal.

Planned changes

  • Since most of my ratios are good, or ideal my HDL is going up, and my TG are going down, I’m reasonably happy with these results. But I’d still like to get my HDL higher and my TC down a bit.
  • For this reason, I’ll be increasing my berberine (which also lowers total cholesterol and raised HDL) from 500 mg to 1 gram/day, and will be experimenting with eating a bit less red meat and a bit more fish. Then I’ll test again in a couple of months. I have no plans at this point to increase (or decrease) the plant-based foods in my diet.

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