NAD+ Boosters and Sirtuin Activators

NAD Boosters and Sirtuin Activators
  • NAD (nicotinamide adenine denucleotide) – NAD (or NAD+) is a coenzyme central to metabolism.
  • It boosts memory, improves mental clarity, improves mood and concentration, boosts neurological function, reduce symptoms of depression, and facilitates DNA repair.
  • By the time we’re in our forties, levels of NAD have fallen to half of what they were when we were young. They continue to decline as the years pass. 
  • We can raise NAD by fasting, taking saunas and cold showers, doing HIIT exercise, doing strength training, and/or by taking NAD boosters.
  • recent study demonstrated that a few weeks of resistance training raised the NAD levels of non-athletes in their 60s to the levels of athletes in their 20s.

The Ones I Take

When I get up in the morning, I take AKG in the calcium-AKG form because it works best when taken by itself; I then wait about an hour; then I take the first eight supplements on the list below.

  1. SIRT6 ACTIVATOR (DoNotAge) ––  (made from fucoidan, from brown seaweed.) To me this is currently the most important sirtuin activator. Fucoidan has been found to activate SIRT6. This supplement is a source of it. DoNotAge has stated that they test every strain of seaweed they put in SIRT6 Activator to verify that it actually is activating the SIRT6 gene, which is deeply associated with life extension. It’s only available by subscription on their website. Some other companies also make fucoidan extracts, but don’t guarantee it’s activating SIRT6. (You can also activate sirtuin 6 to some extent by eating lots of wakame, a type of seaweed. I make it a regular part of my diet). 
  2. BLACK ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (GAIA) – has also been found to activate SIRT6. I take it along with SIRT6 activator, NMN, resveratrol and apigenin.
  3. NMN (Donotage) – (NMN is a NAD precursor. NAD molecules are too big to fit through cell walls. Research has shown though the NMN can pass through the walls with the help of a transporter in the human gut, where the NAD is assembled into NAD. I take 1.5 grams of DoNotAge NMN
  4. TMG (Donotage)  – (TMG restores methyls used up when NMN, niacin, NR or other NAD precursor molecules are metabolized) (1 gram)
  5. APIGENIN – Apigenin prevents an enzyme called CD-38 to destroy NAD in the body. So it’s as important, in my opinion, as taking precursors. Food sources of apigenin include parsley celery and chamomile. I’ll sometimes take an apigenin supplement (from Donotage); other times I’ll eat some parsley or drink some chamomile tea.
  6. RESVERATROL (Donotage) – (activates sirtuin genes) I’m currently taking 500 mg. There’s some evidence that larger doses may be toxic. (I take resveratrol just three days a week.)
  7. UBIQUINOL (COQ10) (Jarrow) – supports mitochondria; improves NAD+/NADH ratio. 200 mg. 
  8. PQQ (Health Through Nutrition) – triggers mitochondrial biogenesis (100 mg)

Other NAD Boosters:

I buy these, but don’t take them every day:

  1. MCT OIL (Youn-Glo) – improves NAD+/NADH ratio (I usually mix a scoop of MCT oil powder in my coffee) (There’s also evidence that the ketones our bodies make when we use MCT oil may be protective against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.)
  2. QUERCETIN (Donotage) – activates sirtuins
  3. FISETIN (Donotage) – brain health; activates sirtuins
  4. RUTIN (NOW) – activates sirtuins (100 mg)
  5. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – improves NAD+/NADH ratio (1200 mg)
  6. PAU D’ARCO (Mercola) – rich in D. lapachone; improves NAD+/NADH ratio – 1 Capsule

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