Not all medical interventions are “safe and effective” for everyone

Modern medicine has brought many benefits to those who have access to it. But not all medical interventions are inherently safe or effective.

The narrative in the media is that MRNA vaccines are always beneficial. We are constantly assured they save lives, and that almost no one is injured by them, and that the injuries that do occur are inconsequential and heal rapidly. But there are people in the world who’ve been injured by them, sometimes temporarily, sometimes in more permanent, devastating ways.

People who’ve been injured by these interventions, even those now confined to wheelchairs, find their experiences discounted and ignored – even when they number in the tens of thousands. People calling attention to their stories are accused of being anti-vaxxers and described routinely as “crazy”. The injured are told that they should be “grateful” because the vaccines “saved their lives” and that they should shut up about their experiences because they’re promoting vaccine resistance.

But the cover up of their stories, and the punishment of people trying to discuss vaccine injuries openly, is a far deeper cause of the current groundswell of anti-vaccine sentiment. People who’ve been injured by vaccines need to be listened to, not ignored.

Links of interest:

  • Jab Injuries Global: Description: One of the world’s leading non-profit advocacy organisations for the Covid-19 vaccine injured. The purpose of Jab Injuries Global is to recognize and support the many people damaged by the Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Jab Injuries Australia (offshoot of Jab Injuries Global): One Humanity movement Description: An initiative started by Jab Injuries Global to provide the Covid-19 vaccine injured with compensation, healing and community support.
  • Coverse: Description: COVERSE is an Australian public non-profit corporation, dedicated to improving support for Australian residents who have been injured by a COVID-19 vaccine.

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