Note from Nils: Someone has been “borrowing” my identity to solicit free products.

Someone has been using my name (and image), stealing content from this website, and pretending to be me.

He has then approached companies in the health/longevity field asking for free samples and “products to review”. One of his stories is he has “seven associates”, so needs lots of samples to “review”. Of course there never are any reviews.

Please DO NOT send this person any products. He is not really me, is an identity thief, and is not associated with this website. I’ve filed an identity theft report with the FTC.

This person sometimes asks that people ship to a P.O. Box (I don’t have one), or that they drop-ship products using the Inex Group, 2601B W. 6th St.Wilmington, DE 19805.

If this person has contacted you please email me at I will be pursuing legal action. Thanks.

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