To Save 10% on Supplements from DoNotAge: Use the Discount Code PATHWAYS


Go to

  • Choose the supplements you’d like to buy
  • When checking out – before paying – type in the word PATHWAYS
  • Be sure to type it in ALL CAPS
  • The PATHWAYS code can be used for all products on the DoNotAge website

For those who use anti-aging supplements such as NMN, resveratrol, fucoidan and Ca-AKG – using the code PATHWAYS will give you a 10 percent discount on any supplements, products or services you purchase from the DoNotAge website. Doing so is also an effective way of supporting this website. DoNotAge is the sponsor of my Pathways to Longevity channel, which which will receive a small payment when you purchase supplements using the code.

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  1. Hi Nils, I just came across your site after doing some research on Ca-AKG. I like your information. I am a Thorne supplement partner and offer everyone a 20% discount on every order in my dispensary. It’s a great way to save on top quality supplements. You can find all the info to sign up at:

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