Resveratrol Protects Against Fluoride Toxicity


by Nils Osmar. January 26, 2022

Key points

  1. Fluoride is highly toxic to the body.
  2. When we’re exposed to it, both autophagy and the SIRT1 gene are activated by the body to protect against its toxicity.
  3. The researchers put fluoride in the drinking water of some lab animals.
  4. Giving them resveratrol at the same time helped deepen the autophagy and provided additional protection against fluoride poisoning. This may confer some protection against fluorosis.

From the study

To confirm that SIRT1 plays a protective role in fluoride toxicity, we used resveratrol (RES) to augment SIRT1 activity in fluoride treated LS8 cells. RES increased autophagy, inhibited apoptosis, and decreased fluoride cytotoxicity.”... Therefore, the SIRT1/autophagy pathway may play a critical role as a protective response to help prevent dental fluorosis.

My thoughts

  • This study is one of many recent research projects confirming the value of taking resveratrol, and confirming that resveratrol does indeed activate the SIRT1 gene.
  • Some of David Sinclair’s critics insist that resveratrol has no effect on sirtuin gene activation, but hundreds of studies, including this one, suggest that it does.
  • To me it also suggests, in a very practical sense0 that if we’re going to be exposed to fluoride (for example, through a dental treatment, drinking water containing the ingredient, or brushing with a fluoride toothpaste), we might want to increase our intake of resveratrol to help the body deal with its toxicity.


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