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I take many different supplements, including ones that raise NAD levels, ones that increase glutathione, and hGH boosters. I’ve found the following supplements to be helpful in raising testosterone:

  1. Male Libido from Gaia Herbs (3 capsules) (a mix of horny goat weed, tribulus, tongkat ali and some other herbs)
  2. Boron from Jarrow (200 mcg) (Don’t overdose on boron; it’s essential but can be deadly in large doses)
  3. DHEA from Life Extension (50 mg)
  4. 7-Keto DHEA from Jarrow (100 mg)
  5. Horny Goat Weed (Nutricost) (2 capsules)
  6. Ashwagandha from: Gaia Herbs (1 capsule)
  7. Astragalus Supreme from Gaia Herbs (1 capsule)
  8. Boron (200 mcg) (increases free testosterone)
  9. L. Reuteri 6475 from BioGaia (1 capsule)
  10. Niacin from NOW. 500 mg.
  11. Fish Oil (I also get some my fish oil from eating sardines, anchovies, salmon and other oily fish)

Testosterone is an essential hormone. It’s present in both men and women but in larger quantities in men. Men with high testosterone tend to have lower body fat, stronger muscles, stronger bones, better verbal memories, spatial abilities, and mathematical reasoning, better moods, and stronger libidos, then males who have lower levels. Low testosterone is associated with depression and with mood and memory problems in males.

Men’s testosterone levels decline about 1 percent per year after age 30.  We can raise testosterone by doing strength training, taking testosterone boosting supplements, or by using hormone replacement therapy.

I was able to raise my T levels by exercising and by supplementation with herbal compounds. Having higher T levels improved my energy and mental clarity, and made it easier for me to lose body fat and gain muscle when I began doing strength training.

Why Those Supplements?

  1. DHEA fromLife EXtension: 50 mg. DHEA was an ingredient in the TRIIM trial which reversed epigenetic aging 2.5 years over a one year trial period. It’s a pro-hormone, a precursor to testosterone (though it can also turn into estrogen) People who take DHEA should do so with an abundance of caution, and be aware of the possible side effects, which can include greater likelihood of cancer. However, some studies suggest it actually lowers the rate of cancer.)

    I take it three days a week (on my workout days) and take week-long breaks from it once a month. (I take 50 mg of DHEA/day, but take the weekends off.)
  2. 7-Keto DHEA from Jarrow – 100 mg. 7-Keto is a metabolite of DHEA which doesn’t affect testosterone, but I like taking them together.
  3. Tongkat Ali Complex from Double Wood. (One of the best supplements)
  4. Horny goat weed (good also for longevity – see this article)
  5. Male Libido from Gaia Herbs. Contains numerous herbs found to boost testosterone in lab animals.
  6. Ashwagandha from Gaia.
  7. Astragalus Supreme from Gaia. 1 capsule.. Both astragalus and ashwagandha are powerful anti-aging adaptogens good for anti-aging and testosterone and raising T cells. (Don’t take them during a prolonged (3-5 day) fast because they can prevent the body from finding and killing off senescent cells.)
  8. L. Reuteri 6475 from BioGaia. Many men who are trying to raise their T levels take it because it increases size of testicles in lab animals, significantly increasing the production of testosterone. Women may want to take L. Reuteri 6475 too, as it improves bone strength and density, particularly in elderly women. Other strains of L. Reuteri have not been shown to have these benefits.
  9. Boron: 2 mg. Boron is essential but do not overdose – can be deadly. Company: Jarrow Dose: 1 capsule
  10. Fish oil (Note: high quality fish oils increase testosterone in obese men. It’s not clear whether it also does so in leaner men. I get Omega 3s by eating fatty/oily fish daily)
  11. Niacin from NOW. 500 mg. immediate release. Niacin has many uses, including increasing testosterone levels and regulating cholesterol levels and raising NAD. Caution: can cause flushing (temporary red/prickly/itchy skin) and can raise blood glucose. The sustained release kind can cause liver damage if taken in large amounts. I do take niacin but not with my other T boosters because it makes me sleepy. So I take it around dinner time

My Results

By increasing my testosterone and working out very hard three days a week in my home gym, I’ve been able to reverse age-related muscle wasting. The photos above show what I looked like two years ago (at the age of 67) and today at the age of 69. See the posts below for more details.

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