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by Nils Osmar. January 1, 2022

Short version – I take:

  • I take 3 capsules of DoNotAge’s Calcium-AKG first thing in the morning.
  • Each capsule is 400 mg, so the total is 1200 mg.
  • I then wait about an hour before taking any other supplements.
  • I also sometimes take AAKG , Arginine alpha ketoglurate, in the afternoons

AKG is a one of the key supplements in my protocol. It’s a key molecule in the Krebs cycle, and is involved in many basic physiological processes. It helps stimulate collagen and protein synthesis and supports stem cell proliferation. It inhibits the breakdown of protein in muscles, making it a popular supplement among bodybuilders.

More recently been shown in carefully controlled studies to extend lifespan in both insects and animals. The life-extending effect is more pronounced in females than males, but does occur in both sexes. It also extends health-span and compresses morbidity into a very short period of time toward the end of life.

Imagine living an extra 20 years, all of them healthy, without feeling or looking older, then having one bad month at the end of your life into which the entire aging process is compressed, and you’ll see why people are so interested in this supplement.

Like a number of compounds that are essential to life, AKG’s levels drop precipitously as we get older. According to an article in

“Studies show that blood plasma levels of alpha-ketaglutarate (AKG) can drop up to 10-fold as we age. … AKG is not found in the normal diet, making supplementation the only feasible way to restore its levels.”

We can raise AKG to youthful levels by prolonged fasting, exercising, and by taking supplements of AKG in a number of forms. It’s available as plain AKG (not bound to any mineral or amino acid); AAKG (a salt of arginine), OAKG (a salt of ornithine) or Ca-AKG (a salt of calcium).

I started taking AKG in 2020. I tried several kinds, and found that, for me, they all worked well. I gained muscle in my workouts, the white hair on chest and arms fell out, and dark, thick, lush hair grew in to replace it. I’m currently taking it in three forms: plain AKG, AAKG, and Ca-AKG. I’m not saying others should take all three, just that I like doing so.

How I Take AKG

  • When I get up in the morning, I take three capsules of DoNotAge’s Calcium-AKG (Ca-AKG). Each capsule is 400 mg, so this is a total of 1200 mg. I do so whether it’s a feasting or fasting day. I then wait about an hour before taking any other supplements.
  • The calcium salt form is the one associated with life extension in a number of laboratory studies. The other forms may extend life and compress morbidity, but haven’t yet been tested to make sure they do.
  • I take it apart from other supplements because according to Tom Weldon, CEO of Ponce de Leon, a company that did extensive testing on AKG, taking it with other supplements may negate some of its benefits.
  • On workout days, I sometimes also take an arginine salt of AKG (AAKG) from Nutricost. Because it contains arginine, which has been found to interfere with the benefits of exercise if taken before workouts, I take after, not before, working out.

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  1. Simon Wyard says:

    Hi here in the UK we have an excellent company called
    All the supplements are very good quality and a fraction of the price of those from Do not age…. Have look in the anti ageing section s well as Ca AKG they sell Astragalus 1v (Ta 65)
    Regards, Simon

  2. Does this Ca-AKG have any impact on the amount of calcium in your blood?
    Are you concerned about too much daily calcium intake?
    Thank you.

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