My Supplements: AMPK Boosters

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by Nils Osmar. January 1, 2022

Short version – I take as needed:

  1. Metformin – 500 mg – medical prescription
  2. B12 (Metformin depletes B12)
  3. Berberine – DoNotAge – 500 mg
  4. Ceylon cinnamon – organic – sprinkiled on food
  5. Benfotiamine – Life Extension – 1 gram
  6. Allulose – organic – sprinkled on food

Many people have high blood glucose, which predisposes them toward early aging and some other problems. Fortunately there are many nutritional supplements that lower blood glucose. Most supplements that lower blood glucose also also activate AMPK and lower mTOR.

Ones I Take (As Needed):

  • Berberine (sometimes called “the poor person’s metformin”)
  • Benfotiamine. A natural sweetener many people take to lower blood sugar.)
  • Allulose. A natural sweetener which also lowers blood glucose. I sprinkle it on desserts such as fruit salads or yogurt. (I buy an organic allulose and sprinkle it on sweet foods like fruit salad and berries)
  • The prescription medication Metformin. Metformin has been hailed as a “true anti-aging drug” though it’s most often prescribed for diabetes. It is effective at lowering blood glucose but can have some side effects, including gas and bloating, indigestion, and (more seriously) preventing the absorption of B12. I take it sporadically, but in light of its side effects, I’m not sure I’ll be continuing to do so. When I do, I take some extra B12 that day apart from the metformin.

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