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by Nils Osmar. November 3, 2022. Medical Disclaimer

I was watching a program focusing on a singer/composer whose work I’ve always appreciated. She’s now in her mid-70s.

She was a brilliant performer in her prime. It was sad seeing how far her health, and, it appears, her mental acuity have gone downhill. It was a little eerie also to realize that she’s just a few years older than I am. Her downhill slide, which looks to have accelerated recently, was a reminder of what we’re fighting for in the anti-aging community.

I don’t want to name her because I don’t want to be perceived as putting her down. I don’t mean this as a personal criticism in any way. I’m just using her situation as one example.

Watching her also made me think more about what we’re hoping to accomplish in the anti-aging community.

Many of us would like to see aging (1) slowed, (2) stopped, and (3) reversed. A road to immortality is the real goal for many people.

I personally think that — assuming that the environment stays habitable for humans and civilization endures — we’ll be able to at least double the human lifespan within the next two or three decades. It’ll become common for most people to live to 150, and not that unusual to live to 150. After that, it seems very possible that we may be able to achieve physical immortality.

Even people who only apply what’s already known about anti-aging — including the folks in our commuity who are angling for extreme longevity — should, I think, be able to live to around 120 in good physical and mental health.

But even if that doesn’t happen — or doesn’t happen soon enough to benefit people who are already starting the downhill slide into aging — even if all we end up accomplishing is keeping our minds sharp and clear, our memories intact, our muscles strong, and our energy for living at a high level into our 90s or past 100, those will be accomplishments to be proud of.

The main message of our community, I think (or one main message) is that we don’t need to slide downhill in the way that people have in the past. We don’t need to get diabetes or cancer or heart disease. We don’t need to get dementia or Alzheimers’. We don’t need to spend our last year bedridden in nursing homes.

Doing even a few simple, basic things right today (using only what’s already known) can greatly increase our odds of being healthy as long as we’re around.

The key things to think about, in my opinion, are the ones I’ve outlines on this page.

Not medical advice

This article is not intended as, and should not be taken as, medical advice. I’m not advising that people eat any particular diet or take any particular supplements, just reporting on what I’m doing. All supplements can have side effects; I would encourage people to research both possible benefits and side effects before starting on any supplementation regimen.  See full Medical Disclaimer

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