Rekindle Protocol: My Results

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by Nils Osmar. January 1, 2022

I’ve been following the regimen I describe on the Rekindle Protocol page since the summer of 2018. In the fall of 2019, I added weight training.

As shown in the video below, while following this protocol I’ve lost some fat around my belly and gained some muscle, particularly in my arms and shoulders. The video on the left is me in August 2020; the one on the right was filmed in December 2021.

During this same time period, my A1C imiproved, my LDL cholesterol and triglycerides went down, my HDL almost doubled, and my testosterone went from the low 500s to the high 900s. My mood also improved.

So some health markers have improved. I can’t, of course, prove how many are due to the protocol, or that others who follow a similar protocol will experience the same thing. Most of the changes of course due to the fact that I’d started fasting and working out. But the changes to my diet and supplements were, I think, what made the intense workouts possible, particularly at my age.

What I Was Doing

I was eating the diet I describe on this page, fasting a lot, and taking a lot of supplements, Both the diet and supplements helped give me the energy to start exercising regularly. When I set up a home gym and added regular daily exercise, my body started going through some interesting changes.

Since Starting the Protocol

Physically, I’m in good health. I don’t have huge muscles, but I’ve reversed my slide into muscle wasting and am actively building muscle. Since starting my current fasting/exercising protocol, I lost around 40 pounds of excess body fat (mostly around my belly) and gained around 15 pounds of muscle.

I don’t have joint aches or pains (though my back sometimes hurts for a few hours if I overdo exercising). I thought I had inflammatory arthritis years ago, but don’t have any symptoms of it anymore. My eyesight’s good. It’s clearer than it used to be. My mind is sharp and clear. I had short term memory problems at one point in my life, but I don’t anymore. Physically, I feel much the same as I did when I was in my 30s and 40s, except that I have more energy than I did in those days. 

Before starting the protocol, my chest hair was mostly white and “fly-away”. . It looked a bit like the hair on Bernie Sanders’ head. My arm hairs were fine and grey. I was bald on top as I have been for decades.

About a year after starting it, I noticed that the white hairs on my chest and arms were falling out. To my surprise they were replaced by very thick, dark, curly hairs of a different sort that I’ve ever had in the past. The hair on my head is still very sparse, so I usually shave my head, but when I let it grow out, the hairs that grow are getting more dark and less white.

I see these changes as a reflection on how the body can change in a short time if we’re eating a healthy diet, fasting, exercising, and taking some key anti-aging supplements.

One Unresolved Issue

While I’m in good health these days and happy with the results, I have made one concession to being 69 years old, which is to minimize driving on the freeway, particularly at night. I have found that, in spite of my anti-aging protocols, my reaction time has slowed a bit over the past couple of years.

This may be because I got out of practice during the 2020 pandemic shutdown. But whatever the reason, I just don’t feel as comfortable roaring around at 70-75 mph (the usual speed around here) in heavy traffic as I used to.

I’m hoping to fix this but since it is currently an issue, I avoid long drives on the freeway, particularly on unfamiliar stretches of road. 

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  1. gary varvaro says:

    Great job. I am almost 64 and started fasting. I also take 900 mg of a wonderful supplement called TruNiagen. I would like to learn more about what you did to achieve your results

  2. Hi Gary, I’ve been taking NMN, which is similar to TruNiagen in that it raises NAD+ levels. It was also very helpful to me to start taking testosterone boosters such as Tongkat Ali and hGH boosters such as Arginine with Lysine. See the “Articles” section in the main menu for more details. (Oh, and I also started working out.)

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