What’s Causing Excess Deaths Worldwide?

November 5, 2022. Medical Disclaimer

Excess deaths are on the rise worldwide in all age groups. It’s too early to be sure of the cause, but some possible explanations are explored in the videos below.

My main thoughts on this one are that (1) medical care must always be voluntary, and (2) accurate information needs to be made available to the public so we can make informed decisions about our own health care (and that of our children or others whose health we’re responsible for).

This can be problematic because, for a variety of reasons, the information from health authorities is often designed, not so much to educate, as to “manufacture consent” by presenting certain information and omitting other important data.

Both the videos below, and the comments below them on Youtube, are interesting. Dr. John Campbell doesn’t have an agenda (in my opinion), but is doing his best to interpret the data from a large number of studies. He always backs up his assertions with links to specific studies, and is worth a listen, whether or not you agree with all of his conclusions.

A recent video:

Another interesting video


Also interesting:

Not medical advice

This article is not intended as, and should not be taken as, medical advice. I’m not advising that people eat any particular diet or take any particular supplements, and not advising in favor of or against any medical procedure. All medical procedures can have side effects; I would encourage people to research both possible benefits and side effects before starting on any regimen.  See full Medical Disclaimer


  1. Wow, really disappointed. This person is a known anti vaxxer and you should not be posting this to the FB group. You will get banned if you post enough of them.

    1. Also “What’s Causing Excess Deaths Worldwide”

      We have a continuing pandemic and a known symptom of Covid is myocarditis. You can Heart issues weeks, months after getting Covid. Very convenient that you turned off comments on your FB post .

      1. Hi Peter, the comments were turned off on the Facebook post because of Facebook’s policies; they don’t allow discussion of Covid or the vaccines. But it’s fine to have discussions here.

        If you will watch the uppermost video on this page, Dr. Campbell discusses several Israeli studies which indicate that myocarditis rates did not increase significantly as a result of infection with Covid. Pre-vaccine, they were staying low. I don’t see any logic in rejecting those studies just because we dislike their conclusions or dislike the messenger, or have made up our minds not to consider data outside of the official narrative. Myocarditis is an acknowledged side effect of both Covid infection and the vaccine. Stopping the discussion, as Facebook has done, is not a way of clarifying what’s true.

        I have one friend who died of Covid, and one friend who was badly damaged by the vaccine, and has been barely functional since his second dose. Both of their lives are equally important.

    2. When you say that Dr. Campbell is a “known anti-vaxxer”, having watched a lot of his videos, I don’t find this to be accurate.

      He has pointed out side effects of the Covid vaccines, citing official sources and studies in well-respected medical journals. But he’s not at all against other vaccinations. He has reiterated repeatedly that he considers other vaccines to be essential and life-saving.

      Instead of just labelling him an anti-vaxxer, I would invite you to actually watch at least one of the videos with an open mind, and check his sources, as I have. Then feel free to post your thoughts about them here, including any disagreements with his conclusions.

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