When to take NAD Boosters? A Surprising Study

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by Nils Osmar. January 26, 2022

According to this 2021 study, both young and older adults should take supplements like NMN or NR six hours after they wake up if their goal is to optimize sirtuin 1 activation.

From the study:

As we age, our circadian system undergoes significant changes, such that rhythmic activities such as sleep/wake patterns change markedly, and in many cases become increasingly fragmented. Aging is also associated with the reduction in the cellular concentration of NAD+ and SIRT1 (Satoh et al., 2017).

To study the effect of key age-related changes in metabolism on the circadian system, we formulate an aged model by lowering the mean NAD+ and SIRT1 levels to 25% and 40%, respectively, of the baseline (young) model (Massudi et al., 2012a)…

The model predicts that NAD+ supplements exert the strongest effect, as measured by either mean or peak SIRT1, if taken during the middle of the light cycle, at ZT6, which coincides with the… circadian peak.


  • Young and old adults should (according to this study, and the authors’ hypothesis) take NMN or NR approximately 6 hours after waking up.
  • Doing so can almost double its impact on SIRT1 activation.
  • Young adults should take resveratrol at night to optimize its effectiveness.
  • Older people are less sensitive as to when to take resveratrol.


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