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by Nils Osmar. July 22, 2022. Medical disclaimer

  • Discount code: PATHWAYS (in all caps)
  • Works for: All products on the DoNotAge website.
  • For those who use anti-aging supplements such as NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), NR (nicotinamide riboside), resveratrol, fucoidan (SIRT6 Activator), high molecular weight HA (hyaluronic acid), berberine, quercetin, and fisetin, DoNotAge is a good source to be aware of.
  • I’ve tried several of their products and have continued to use almost all of them.
  • I first became aware of DoNotAge about two years ago, when they approached me to offer to be a sponsor of my Youtube Channel (Pathways to Longevity).
  • At that time I didn’t know much about them, and I didn’t want to enter into a sponsorship arrangement with a company that might be shady, so I spent about a month checking them out. They have a good reputation both for product purity and for good quality control. I got to know Alan, their CEO, and he struck me as an honest and straightforward person.
  • I still wasn’t ready to say “yes” until I checked out their products, so I asked them to send me some that I could try out, starting with their NMN. Their supplier for NMN is Effepharm, which supplies NMN to several sellers, DoNotAge’s version is also the most affordable NMN that I’ve found, particularly if you buy it as a bulk powder with their discount.
  • I had been buying the NMN same powder (from the same supplier) through ProHealthLongevity, and had liked it, but DoNotAge had it for less, so I tried it, liked it, and got good results from it.
  • I checked them out as thoroughly as I could, then went ahead with the arrangement. They later added other supplements, which I also liked once I’d tried them
  • I’ve been using their supplements for about two years at this point, and have gotten good results from them.
  • Speaking anecdotally, when I take their NMN, I feel better energy and mental clarity. I usually take 1.5 grams of NMN in the mornings along with 0.5 grams of NR, which work well together for me. For those just starting out though, I would recommend thinking about a smaller dose, such as 1 gram of NMN, to start with, as it can have a very energizing effect.
  • Their SIRT6 Activator is particularly interesting to me because every batch of the source material is tested in Dr. Vera Gorbunova’s New York lab to make sure that it is actually activating the sirtuin 6 gene before being included in the product. When I take it, I feel, again, more energy, and in particular more sexual energy.
  • If you decide to try SIRT6 activator, be aware that it’s a NAD+-dependent deacetylase, meaning that to get the full benefit from it, it may be best to take it with a supplement like NMN or NR which raises NAD levels in the bloodstream. I always take it in the mornings along with my NMN.
  • I also take DoNotAge’s hyaluronic acid supplement. It was developed in conjunction with Dr. Vera Gorbunova, who is on DoNotAge’s board of advisors.

Discount code

  • If you decide to buy through DoNotAge, using their code PATHWAYS (in all caps) will give you a 10 percent discount on any supplements, products or services you purchase from their website.
  • Using the code is also a way of supporting this website, the Facebook Anti-Aging group, and my Youtube longevity channel.

Their products include:

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